Quantum Energy Coaching

Quantum Energy Coaching

A cutting-edge approach that taps into the limitless potential of quantum physics to help you manifest your goals and dreams.

So how does it work?

No longer does it take months of therapy to change your life.

By shifting your subconscious beliefs, emotions, and energy patterns, it helps you tap directly into the quantum field of infinite possibilities.

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What is Quantum Energy Coaching?

"QEC is a simple and effective coaching method that uses Gestalt psychotherapy and cutting-edge neuroscience. It aims to change self-limiting beliefs at the subconscious level. Positive, affirming beliefs are installed into the subconscious mind, using an optimal brain wave state that is receptive to learning. The new positive beliefs replace the old limiting ones. During the session we raise your energy to bring about a rapid neural network transformation. It can be likened to installing new software into a computer. The process is easy and effortless, no matter how long the problems have been there."

The technique has been developed by Dr. Melanie Salmon a general practitioner for many years and Gestalt psychotherapist​. She found an easy way to install new ideas into the mind by starting with a Gestalt inquiry and then to combine several scientific ideas taken from :- Quantum Physics, Bruce Liptons work on the field of Epigenetics, Psych-K and Gamma Healing, Cardiac Coherence, Neurology and Neuroscience. Today thanks to Dr.Salmons continuing research and case work QEC Practitioners are highly trained and focused on a new streamlined approach to healing trauma. This approach is giving people a new freedom that before they could have only dreamt about. Now they are making this dream into their reality through QEC.

How Gestalt Psychotherapy is used in QEC

For those who are not familiar with the work this is a definition from the encyclopaedia Britannica which defines Gestalt Psychotherapy as "​Gestalt psychology, school of psychology founded in the 20th century that provided the foundation for the modern study of perception. Gestalt theory emphasizes that the whole of anything is greater than its parts. That is, the attributes of the whole are not deducible from analysis of the parts in isolation.

I am including the definition as QEC trains its coaches in a model of inquiry from the Gestalt school. The above can be interpreted in practical terms that there are relationships between for example a story, the feelings and the sensations in the body. They all have a part to play in bringing awareness. The "anything greater" is from my perspective the loving space that opens up between a therapist and his client. There is always a field that opens up when two people meet in the present moment. When we listen to an orchestra they are playing the music and also creating something greater than just the musical score.

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Change your thinking, change your life

"QEC harnesses the principles of Quantum Physics to install new beliefs at the subconscious level. Using techniques like cardiac coherence, gratitude, and focused intention, we tap into the power of the quantum field. At the subatomic level, everything is pure energy, constantly in a state of potential. Observations in Quantum Physics reveal that our thoughts and emotions influence this field. When our heart and mind align in coherence, we signal the quantum field to respond, allowing us to shape reality through our thoughts and emotions. QEC empowers individuals to create profound changes in their lives by utilizing the remarkable connection between intention, emotion, and the quantum field.

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Through Quantum Energy Coaching (QEC), individuals can significantly elevate their awareness on Dr. David R. Hawkins' Map of Consciousness. You'll transition from lower states caused by barriers to abundance such as fear and guilt to higher states, including love and joy. QEC empowers your journey to a heightened and more enlightened state of being helping you be more constantly in the Abundance Zone.

QEC Rapidly raisies your level of conciousness

Dr. David R. Hawkins' Map of Consciousness suggests that individuals can experience shifts in their level of consciousness over their lifetime. Personal growth, self-awareness, and transformative experiences can lead to positive changes in one's overall level on the scale. However, the rate and extent of these changes can vary significantly from person to person and changes can be minimal. Some individuals may experience gradual, incremental shifts, while others may have more dramatic transformations. It's important to note that change in consciousness often requires dedicated effort, self-reflection, and personal development work.

Frequently Asked Questions

I understand that you may have questions about this transformative journey, and we're here to provide you with clarity.

Quantum Energy Coaching is a cutting-edge approach that utilizes the principles of quantum physics to help you harness the power of your subconscious mind, energy, and intention to manifest your desired reality. It's a dynamic fusion of science and spirituality aimed at facilitating profound personal transformation.

Through a combination of guided visualization, energy work, and intention setting, we help you identify and release limiting beliefs and energy blockages that may be holding you back. This process empowers you to align with the frequencies of your goals, creating a powerful resonance that attracts abundance and positive change.

Quantum Energy Coaching is beneficial for anyone seeking personal growth, clarity, and abundance in their life. Whether you're facing specific challenges or simply want to unlock your full potential, this approach can be tailored to meet your unique needs and goals.

During your coaching sessions, you'll work one-on-one with me and I will guide you through personalized exercises and techniques. These sessions are designed to help you gain clarity, shift your mindset, and create an action plan to manifest your dreams.

Results can vary from person to person, but many clients report experiencing positive
shifts in their mindset and circumstances within a few sessions or earlier. The pace of
progress often depends on your commitment, openness to change, and the specific

While Quantum Energy Coaching incorporates spiritual concepts taken from David. R.
Hawkins map of consciousness such as gratitude it a holistic modality that permits each
practitioner to stress their own particular thoughts and ideas around separation , the ego and our essential nature. Our lives become more abundant as we embrace our true Self and let go of the ties that hold us back.

Simply choose the service that fits for your personal needs and reach out to us through the contact page  Then I will discuss your goals, answer any additional questions you may have, and create a customized plan tailored to your needs.

What can Quantum Energy Coaching be used for?

Almost anything including phobias. It has no side-effects so the worst thing is that nothing happens!

Many of the problems people face are caused by long term stress or child hood trauma. QEC is a reliable method of safely releasing many of the problems and symptoms caused by early trauma experiences as well as changing our patterns of behaviour that are directly connected to these past events.

I have successfully worked on peoples toxic shame, self limiting beliefs and addictive behaviours. QEC has been used for inflammatory illnesses, chronic pain and sleep disorders.

All of these often have a link to past stress and trauma. The wonderful thing about QEC is that it does not take many sessions to produce lasting results.

There are several practitioners and many case studies that demonstrate the power of the technique

It’s a dynamic fusion of science and spirituality aimed at facilitating profound personal transformation to free you from past trauma, internal stress and the effects of self-limiting beliefs.

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Embrace Your Unique Journey: Choose What Truly Works for You

There are options.

Choose Your Path

Whether you seek focused support or a comprehensive transformation, I'm here to empower you on your personal evolution.

Your path, your choice,
your transformation awaits.

There are options.

Choose Your Path

Whether you seek focused support or a comprehensive transformation, I'm here to empower you on your personal evolution.

Your path, your choice,
your transformation awaits.

Prosperity is your Birthright. Embrace the Abundance you deserve.